Making Your Insane Green Screen Ideas

11 apr. 2020
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Lately I've been feeling like I use my green screen a little too much, so I decided to get it out of my system in one video. So I asked you guys to send me suggestions for me to make with my green screen...and you didn't disappoint! Enjoy!
let me know if this should become a series!!
thanks for watching!
comment "i love me some baby kurt" if ur reading this


  • And so she subscribed to Kurtis Conner for an extra greeting. And subscribed to Kurtis Conner for an extra greeting, she did.

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    • @Lyndi Wittmann You just broke the code

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    • PLEASE

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    • and so he replied to potatoehealy. and replied to potatoehealy, he did

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    • your pfp. yes. i love the 1975

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    • @booklover 0197 SAME

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  • Final Cut Pro crashes? I've only had it crash once during a render. If you want crashes, try Premiere Pro. I'm sure you'd be pleasantly satisfied with Adobe's attempt at professional video editing software

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  • While watching this I got really high. And really high I got

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  • the mare of kurtistown

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  • 10:26 holy shit this is worthy of a Hallmark story. One man edits videos for a living but is he TRULY one man? Find out now. (or in Canadian: "find ouoot now")

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  • Editing looks like it takes a lot of time and effort so just know we really appreciate your hard work!

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  • 99.8% like ratio. That’s insane.

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  • 2:33 2:40

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  • Steve Buscemi scissor hands?

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  • My mom walked in on me watching a video of you giving birth to yourself.....

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  • Waiting for Kurtis to send me a baby-Kurt since i liked...

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  • Lemme just.. Kurtis you're a green screen fiend

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  • I didn't think it was possible to respect you even more than I do. And then you referenced Community.

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  • I love me some baby Kurt

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  • Green screen fiend!

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  • Yknow theres something about the energy of awkward wholesome skinny white guys that is perfect to nap happily to

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  • disliked and unsubscribed. there was no niall horan ear-worm like in the thumbnail update: liked and subscribed. I saw niall ear-worm

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  • Binging Kurtis again😌🤗

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  • oh kurtis, you're such a green screen fiend

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  • kurtis is a youtuber who can genuinely say “i put so much time, effort, and thought into all my videos”

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  • G gn I h s th jovial r6

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  • Not Edward scissor hands-

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  • I want my baby Kurt, Kurtis

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  • You're a green screen machine!

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  • the music from the gladiator scene is also in this one mobile game called high school simulator :0

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  • yo imagine Kurtis in Twilight eefjkehkjdhjdsjkf

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  • Im a very top heavy centaur JUST LIKE CHICKS WITH GIANT JUGS

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  • the baby kurt is a curse

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  • Kurtis you should come to Houston texas wink wink

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  • kurtis is such a green screen

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    • feend

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    • thein

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    • fien

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  • i love me some baby kurt 👶🍼

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  • Green screen fiend

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  • I was gonna say.... And I was gonna nay.... BEST LINE EVER 😂😂😂

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  • Here from 2021, and I watched the full Hallmark movie this past Christmas... instant culture classic. Thank you Kurt for sharing your genius with the world ❤

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  • oh dude i love me some baby kurt!

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  • How do you even know that theme song???? You are too young!!!!

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  • I love me some baby Kurt!!!!

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  • Okay, the trailer was perfect

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  • 4:33 peep the nails

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  • gimme that lil kurt

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  • I want a baby Kurt!

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  • I liked this video on every device of mine and I haven't got my baby Kurt yet>:(

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  • I want a baby kurt... ;_;

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  • 6:20 dont mind me

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  • I love me some baby kurt

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  • funny how i was literally just watching the community before deciding to watch youtube instead

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  • Kurtis your such a green screen fiend

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  • this might be my favorite kurtis conner video

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  • Not who but hoove

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  • I just noticed that in that Community clip, Troy is wearing Pierces Dads hair

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  • Is no one going to mention the guilo-scene joke??

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  • i love me some baby kurt

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  • i love me some baby kurt

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  • Where is my baby Kurt-

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  • Wow, what a green screen fiend.

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  • i love me some baby kurt Also I was hoping the body would erupt confetti after the head got chopped off :

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  • He missed the opportunity to say "Let's get aHEAD"

    Niko The crazy dumbassNiko The crazy dumbassAcum 21 o Zi
    • Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?

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  • Theirs is a shoot of kurtis white to nails baby blue

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  • “I pour lean on it too much” “Ahh I’m all fuckedddd up” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • it's been 8 months and i'm still waiting for my baby kurt...

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  • I

    choo choo trainchoo choo trainAcum 22 Zile

    choo choo trainchoo choo trainAcum 22 Zile
  • like for the community reference

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  • pls do this again

    Karli RoseKarli RoseAcum 23 Zile
  • kurtis: and i said "i'm gonna do a green screen purge", you know, like a liar

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  • 8:00 would be so funny if it just had like no sound

    Awdi_ AlmondsAwdi_ AlmondsAcum 24 Zile
  • 8:33 as both a kurtistown citizen and a pretty much it subscriber, I thoroughly liked that.

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  • 7:59 *Nice.*

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  • my names diane... did kurtis do this on purpose XD jk

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  • Still waiting for my baby kurt 😡

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  • i liked. its been 9 months. WHERE IS MY BABY KURT? 1 star. disappointing

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  • How come you dont use Adobe After Effects? I think you can get subscription for Adobe creative suite and its not too much money. Its a way better program in my opinion. Love your vids..keep up the good work man. Nice job on the editing.

    Mitch AlegronMitch AlegronAcum 25 Zile
  • he looks like he sleeps to rain sounds asmr or asmr in general to go to slee

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  • yes

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  • Green screen thumb? Green thumb, green Nope.

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  • recreate the entire ratatouille movie and play every single character

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  • I’ve never realised how much effort he puts in his videos. Just wow

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  • Did anyone notice that Kurtis had on light blue nail polish after talking about scripting?

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  • i would definitely watch a movie where kurtis played every character

    Raven LomônacoRaven LomônacoAcum 27 Zile
  • Someone should hack E3 and put up the Momo-Obama-Centaur instead

    Gabriel Martin-FryscakGabriel Martin-FryscakAcum 28 Zile
  • Was trying to enjoy this video when my mom decided to drunkenly yell at me about how this video is pathetic because my generation is butchering and stealing music and ideas from her time. This made me enjoy the video even more. Anything that angers this drunken fool is good in my opinion

    Seance CosplaySeance CosplayAcum 28 Zile
  • 5:11 when he said "and that's a wrap", I swear he sounded EXACTLY like Drew Gooden

    Easwaran SivakumarEaswaran SivakumarAcum 29 Zile
    • OH YES

      choo choo trainchoo choo trainAcum 22 Zile
  • your a green screen feind

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  • 9:00 "about his eyebrows" Kurtis pls- 😭😭😭

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  • baby kurt

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  • kurtis is so underrated

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  • A man smaller than Kurtis? I’m not so sure about that one...

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  • I literally only subscribed for the extra greeting, but it turns out this guy is kind of funny.

    Red PandaRed PandaAcum lună
  • It's almost one year later, I'm still waiting for my baby Kurt, is he delayed?

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  • i live by the thumbnail.

    mia yanniellomia yannielloAcum lună
  • 4:31 omg the nail polish is so cute 🥰

    Yoonbum SangwooYoonbum SangwooAcum lună
  • The Guillotine - 6:47 My Thomas Collab :) - 8:41 The Birth of Kurtis - 9:54 Every Hallmark Movie Ever - 12:10 Gladiator vs. Centaur - 15:24

    The Totally human PersonThe Totally human PersonAcum lună
  • I love me some baby Kurt. 😻

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  • I remember the first time i was new here. I felt so ashamed 😖

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  • Add a public comment...

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  • kurtis: folks👏

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  • I lost my shit at 8 minutes 😂💀

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  • We need another of these masterpieces

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