I Somehow Got a World Record Speedrun

26 mar. 2021
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I've been watching videos about speedrunning for years but I've always been too intimidated to try it out...so I figured I would dive in and document my entire process to see if I can get a world record speedrun. Enjoy!
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comment "epic wiener toss!" if ur reading this


  • How much for the n64....i got some Mario cart to play

    Jokrr FaceJokrr FaceAcum 4 ore
  • I appreciate the dedication 😭

    FairoaFairoaAcum 7 ore
  • 35:38 spare a mint 👁👁

    sixela kellersixela kellerAcum 9 ore
  • Kurtis rages in lowercase

    Annie uwuAnnie uwuAcum 14 ore
  • We’ll never tell.

    Stella BellaStella BellaAcum 14 ore
  • This video is actually very inspirational

    rubenchagorubenchagoAcum 18 ore
  • Wow I legit started shedding tears of joy during that conclusion lol. Congrats on the record man, u def deserve it!

    NilesRiver64NilesRiver64Acum 19 ore
  • My boy ZFG the greatest Ocarina of Time speedrunner of all time

    MithadorMithadorAcum 22 ore
  • I really enjoyed this video. I love the longer format. I had a great time sipping my way through a big pot of tea while watching this.

    Josh StuchberyJosh StuchberyAcum 22 ore
  • Madness comnat was sick tho

    Gustavo PradellaGustavo PradellaAcum 23 ore
  • Listen!!! That good old Nintendo 64! With the best thing ever

    BelloVitaBelloVitaAcum o Zi
  • there is a lot of tea in this video between kurtis and his dad 🤭😗

    Meris PrivetteMeris PrivetteAcum o Zi
  • This was my sign to become a gamer. Thank you Kurtis lol

    Ananda CashAnanda CashAcum o Zi
  • So I looked at the now 2nd place holder's profile any the have loads of good places on games so Kurtis did so well

    Will ParkerWill ParkerAcum o Zi
  • his reaction when he realised he had the record cheered me up

    elizabethelizabethAcum o Zi
  • He should speedrun Goemon’s Great Adventure 🤔

    OnewSangtaeOnewSangtaeAcum o Zi
  • 1:16 everybody loves gay-men

    PsychoPsychoAcum o Zi
  • Dude, MY mental health took damage just watching this how are you okay? The stress is bonkers... Also nice wiener toss

    Bee BeeBee BeeAcum o Zi

    Kaia SmithKaia SmithAcum o Zi
  • well, this was a roller coaster of emotions.

    Claire HelsdonClaire HelsdonAcum o Zi
  • I love SmallAnt! Highly recommend him

    Britta MolineBritta MolineAcum o Zi
  • Epic wiener toss

    James TomanJames TomanAcum o Zi
  • This makes me want to play super meat boy again

    tolateFBtolateFBAcum o Zi
  • 32:34 you really have to ‘putt’ the time in

    Anuja Abhyankar_6Anuja Abhyankar_6Acum 2 Zile
  • i had a look at the speed run website and the person with the lowest score on waiale has the name kurtisconneristrash

    George MichealGeorge MichealAcum 2 Zile
  • U have 2.99m subscribers Oop

    Kiera TaylorKiera TaylorAcum 2 Zile
  • can someone please help me find that joker shirt? i need it omg

    Cammie HouleCammie HouleAcum 2 Zile
  • Someone named KurtisConnerisTrash is in 4th place on the website... why

    Naya DoyleNaya DoyleAcum 2 Zile
  • i was SO HAPPY you dont even know. also the narrations kinda reminded me of safiya nygaard loll

    Rena KRena KAcum 2 Zile
  • my first gf was on habbo too

    Deven ShorttDeven ShorttAcum 2 Zile
  • Why am I legitimately proud of him for this? 😂

    Kaitlin SKaitlin SAcum 2 Zile
  • this type of content is fucking amazing, congratulations Kurtis 💀

    mwendemwendeAcum 2 Zile
  • The cowboys guide to yeye

    Sylvie the slothSylvie the slothAcum 2 Zile
  • PLEASE make an entire video abt ocarina of time i will watch the entire things and nod my head accordingly to all your takes

    lemurbatlemurbatAcum 2 Zile
  • Omg THANK YOU for introducing smallant for us 😃 he seems like a genuinely nice guy

    Luna OogamiLuna OogamiAcum 2 Zile
  • The editing and joke delivery feel like it's for people with severe adhd

    liz Strataliz StrataAcum 2 Zile
  • you should check out destiny 2 raid speed runs. shits wild. 6 people that have to work together and speed run

    Blimp PowellBlimp PowellAcum 2 Zile
  • I had no idea that Edward Cullen is into speedrunning

    SisimorSisimorAcum 2 Zile
  • Golf video game look very interesting

    Jerry WoestJerry WoestAcum 2 Zile
  • Kurtis you're still in the lead but there's a new competitor now in 3rd place called KurtisConneristrash

    Martina PecevaMartina PecevaAcum 3 Zile
  • Such pro

    Kamatsu DrawzKamatsu DrawzAcum 3 Zile
  • You said “speedrunning professional” and my mind began chanting “Smallant...Smallant...Smallant...”

    Lindsey KimballLindsey KimballAcum 3 Zile
  • Nice to see you pursuing the speedrun game that's sweet

    the running manthe running manAcum 3 Zile
  • I like how Curtis talks about how mad he got and he only looks a tad perturbed

    G-RillaG-RillaAcum 3 Zile
  • I think you’re out of your mind but I’m also very impressed

    Jesse RadzikJesse RadzikAcum 3 Zile
  • As of the time of this comment the 3rd place speedrunner is named kurtisconneristrash

    Juniper MallowJuniper MallowAcum 3 Zile
  • good video kurtis

    kamome amvskamome amvsAcum 3 Zile
  • LMAOOOO theres a person who speedran that game with 29mins and 58secs and their username is kurtisconneristrash but they are nowhere near as epic as him/as insane for spending goddamned hours on a golf game that came out over twenty years ago.

    Blue TreeFrogBlue TreeFrogAcum 3 Zile
  • epic comment

    SuperKittyPogoDanceSuperKittyPogoDanceAcum 3 Zile
  • you still have the world record. congratulations ^^

    ҟղհօ'ҟղհօ'Acum 3 Zile

    tktkAcum 3 Zile
  • That moment you panic on if you were the "Habo hotel sugar mama".....

    Shannon WiedowerShannon WiedowerAcum 3 Zile
  • I can’t believe you suffered for 3 weeks and beat the record by one second on your last try

    살디바르애너벨살디바르애너벨Acum 3 Zile
  • This SmallAnt guy seems really chill and charming

    AlexAlexAcum 3 Zile
  • Conner having to specify "biological father" is so relatable

    AlexAlexAcum 3 Zile
  • Epic wiener toss

    Faqihah RidzuanFaqihah RidzuanAcum 3 Zile
  • we will never share our golf secret - the women

    Olivia MooreOlivia MooreAcum 3 Zile
  • top tier video kurt

    Theresa PeterTheresa PeterAcum 3 Zile
  • you are like an younger modern and youtuber version of steve buscemi. agree?

    Rafael Heffer CavalettiRafael Heffer CavalettiAcum 3 Zile
  • omg someone entered in 3rd place with the username "KurtisConneristrash" wtf??

    EllDeeEllDeeAcum 3 Zile
  • Oh my god I was so excited to see smant in your video

    Nick SteeleNick SteeleAcum 3 Zile
  • How much does it cost to go to Hawaii to the golf club cause just not even ROworld partner wise.. but adsense wise.. it's 18c per 1000 views.. which is 180 grand. I know there's prob more to it buttttt

    Port of WidsomPort of WidsomAcum 3 Zile
  • Omg n64 be bussin Shhheeeesssshhhh

    Facts_Not _Tea 0.oFacts_Not _Tea 0.oAcum 3 Zile
  • this was so intense 😭😭

    Anastasia LordezAnastasia LordezAcum 3 Zile
  • I love the effort Kurtis puts into these videos, they’re always top tier pls I love this man

    Anastasia LordezAnastasia LordezAcum 3 Zile
  • I love your new content! Learning new things, talking to people about it and nailing it. Your editing is also on point. Love it!

    Heather BaileyHeather BaileyAcum 3 Zile
  • *We all agree that we now will say Kurtis invented speedrunning, right?*

    Sakuraサクラ-Sakuraサクラ-Acum 3 Zile
  • I have NEVER been prouder of you Kurtis. Wholesome lessons derived from trash golf games are a vibe 👍😎

    Helen PHelen PAcum 3 Zile
  • That dopamine rush must have been like being high on meth or something

    Emma VrijburgEmma VrijburgAcum 3 Zile
  • wow guys i can't believe Kurtis invented speedrunning

    Waffles BoyWaffles BoyAcum 3 Zile
  • Woo you did it! That was so exciting. I nearly cried 😂😂😂

    Megs LennonMegs LennonAcum 3 Zile
  • just embarrassed myself in math class lmao time to watch kurtis cuz he's my comfort youtuber aaaaaa

    Risk MilkRisk MilkAcum 3 Zile
  • OMG I love the majora's mask reference 27:03

    Anna DarkAnna DarkAcum 4 Zile
  • Oh God you like golf? Unsubscribbed

    AngieAngieAcum 4 Zile
    • Just kidding ur dedication is awesome, speed runners deserve that respect

      AngieAngieAcum 4 Zile
  • I submitted a world record speed run on this website and it said I had to link the video. I added the link for a Rick Roll. A while goes by and I can’t find my account. I think I got banned 😀

    Just Kpop TingzJust Kpop TingzAcum 4 Zile
  • I love small ant but god damn it was so annoying how he looked in the camera every 5 seconds of him being in the video. Idk why it made me cringe so much it just did this is why I can’t watch the office

    Christina MacInnesChristina MacInnesAcum 4 Zile
  • I can't believe Kurtis Connor invented speedrunning

    Tania MartinezTania MartinezAcum 4 Zile
  • lmaoo Kurtis is still 1st, but now there's a person in 3rd place who's name is 'KurtisConneristrash'

    TigerheartTigerheartAcum 4 Zile
  • 13:40

    ssAcum 4 Zile
  • What's wrong with white guys having dreadlocks?

    youtubeuserdanyoutubeuserdanAcum 4 Zile
  • I know this is totally unrelated but here before 3 mill

    Powerpuff Zoid SPowerpuff Zoid SAcum 4 Zile
  • Kurtis Conner and his childhood friend... Konner Curtis

    Paul StephensPaul StephensAcum 4 Zile
  • Play breath of the wild kurtis

    Adam TroupAdam TroupAcum 4 Zile
  • anyone find the “18 holes challenge you” too funny?

    Ashton ReeceAshton ReeceAcum 4 Zile
  • I’m going to take the record from you

    David OmanDavid OmanAcum 4 Zile
  • I’m excited for travel to get back to normal so I can come play golf in Canada!

    Erik PerronErik PerronAcum 4 Zile
  • Kurtis Pogger? More like “epic wiener toss!”

    Twxx460Twxx460Acum 4 Zile
  • Kurtis looks like a 1970's car salesman.

    Just VibingJust VibingAcum 4 Zile
  • yeeeyee

    lakabaka lelelakabaka leleAcum 4 Zile
  • Epic wiener toss!!!! 🙌

    Hello! Anya hereHello! Anya hereAcum 4 Zile
  • Absolutely loved the longer content video!

    MelanieM MoutonMelanieM MoutonAcum 4 Zile
  • I'm so freakin proud of you Kurtissss 👏🏼

    MelanieM MoutonMelanieM MoutonAcum 4 Zile
  • “i will cry and that’s a promise”

    Guy Fieri OverlordGuy Fieri OverlordAcum 4 Zile
  • Imagine my dismay when i hold off on this video during my ocarina playthrough, as to not spoil the water temple, just to find out it’s about golf

    Kyle ArcherKyle ArcherAcum 4 Zile
  • 2:05 💀💀

    Jeanette WJeanette WAcum 5 Zile
  • please i'm begging you do a video about your tattoos, they're amazing!

    Natalia KazimierskaNatalia KazimierskaAcum 5 Zile
  • "holyyyyyy shout out brocis420!!! took literally weeks of grinding to beat the record haha but can still go lower!" - Kurt @ The Waialae Country Club epic wiener toss!

    Andrew CarseAndrew CarseAcum 5 Zile
  • just fantastic shit, kurtis!!!!!

    Jess BatsonJess BatsonAcum 5 Zile
  • Watching these uploads makes me feel ashamed for even trying to youtube

    Cooked Comedy ChannelCooked Comedy ChannelAcum 5 Zile
  • Ur sooo close to 3 mil subs It says 2.99 and im about to click it lol

    Tyler And Leah CanadianTyler And Leah CanadianAcum 5 Zile